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Quality work is the foundation on which our See the View Window Cleaning is built. Every staff member knows this.

Many window cleaning companies hire people with little or no experience, give them less than a basic understanding of professional window cleaning and send them to consumers’ homes or businesses. In some situations, you may have more experience than the people that show up to clean your windows.

Our window washing technicians undergo a comprehensive 60-day initial training and then continuing education throughout their careers. Even if they come to us with “experience,” they must still complete our training program.

A lot of companies try to survive on the volume of work they do at the cost the quality. And when the quantity dries up all that’s left is a bad reputation that can never be repaired.

We are proud of our profession and proud to provide you with the best window cleaning service available.

What Our Clients Say...

Robert Kinkaid

Kudos, to you and your company for top notch customer service.

Cleo L. Burton
The service was prompt, the crew was professional, and the price was reasonable.

Mikaela B. Sanchez
Wayne and his crew are the only people I will use moving forward.

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See The View Window Cleaning is a leading professional, commercial and residential window cleaning company. Established in 1976 we service a large client base in Montgomery County, PA. We are a specialist in window cleaning, power washing gutter cleaning, and building services.




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